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I named my handmade cushions “Tsubomi (Buds)”. What I put in the word “Tsubomi” is the spirit of hospitality. When Sen no Rikyu, the great Japanese tea master in the 16th century, treated guests in the tea ceremony, he always arranged a flower bud to show heartfelt hospitality. Rikyu believed that this single bud had power to change a tea house to an especially precious place. I have long wanted to create handiwork just like Rikyu’s bud.
I have been looking for interior items, which not only do provide comfort and functionality that people naturally expect in them, but which also become tools for showing hospitality. Finally, I came up with the idea of this Tsubomi series (designed and handmade by Mas.)


Each spherical cushion here consists of twelve transformed four-sided pyramids. When trying to depict botanical motifs with fabrics, their formative designs tend to become the ones that just copy the plants. That does not suit my taste.
Technologically beautiful shapes, based on geometric design drawings. Aesthetically-refined shapes, in one cushion alone or in several ones lined up. Pleasant shapes, becoming a basis of daily life and providing a comfortable space. Thinking of those shapes, I drew numerous circles and lines, and then some parts came into being. I linked them and created this handiwork lineup.


All materials used for our products are those for clothes. We chose mainly soft and comfortable natural materials, such as cashmere and angora, because cushions among interior products are often touched by the body directly. The combination of geometric shape and materials for clothes is likely to give the gentle and delicate feeling to the products.


In buds, life and future to come into bloom are inherent. Arranging a flower bud means to share its life and future. I wanted to plant these vital powers in Tsubomi series, too. I would like you to enjoy arranging the Tsubomi cushions just like the flower buds. I hope you find something new in your life by doing this.













Sayaka Takeshita
Designer: Sayaka Takeshita

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